ADMAC Costa Rica Success

GroupPhotoAllProject ADMAC is 4-year NSF-funded project that aims to improve our understanding of the diversity and evolution of Central American ants. The project includes massive molecular sampling using next-gen methods, and two major field expeditions: one to Costa Rica and one to Oaxaca/Veracruz, Mexico. The field sampling in Costa Rica completed just this month and we have put together a photo report to tell the story. The expedition included field sampling in Costa Rica (1.5 months), initial sample sorting at the University of Costa Rica (8-days), and a workshop in phylogenomic methods at the University of Utah (10-days). All facets of the expedition were conducted by a fantastic team of undergraduate students, four from the University of Costa Rica and four from the USA (University of Utah, University of California-Riverside, and University of Oklahoma). Along with Jack Longinio (UU), and Phil Ward (UC Davis), I helped oversee the success of the trip. Everyone involved was fantastic! Now on to sample sorting, mounting, identification, and sequencing!

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